The fungus that causes toenail infections is the same that causes jock itch. It can be caused by coming into contact with someone that has the infection. Or, it can result from exposing your feet and toes to moist areas like shower floors or pool decks. If you do not dry your feet and toes well, they can be susceptible to this infection.

It is characterized by discoloration and a thickening of the nail. It can be embarrassing and in some cases, it can even be a little painful. If you have this problem, you may think that the only remedy is to get a topical medication cream or oil for it. These medicines need to be applied consistently for up to three months for a change to result.

A better option is to get a toenail fungus supplement. This product contains natural ingredients that work to heal the infection from the inside out. The fungus is believed to be similar to that which causes yeast infections and it is felt if you take a probiotic supplement that you can wipe the infection out.

One supplement like oregano oil does just this. I used it and it improved my nails, and it improved my digestion by acting as a probiotic.

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