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is looking trance, vision is sometimes being patted the shoulder, he looked back. He dragged me aside and said, let's get a few melon melon to go? I said that some people and see? He said the people at home watching melon to eat it? At nike air max 2014 the moment just in time. I had one, it is the opportunity, so he took with him a bag of urea went. Guardia, not far from the company, only separated by a row of residential areas and alkali drainage, drainage, there are no deep water, in order to facilitate ambulation workers, canal not far from there in a dam, the dam embankment can leave. After a drainage dam is a four or five-meter-wide road tractor, tractor road on the edge of an irrigation canal is adidas springblade razor used for agriculture, agricultural drainage is next to next to the company only to a piece of watermelon. It was mid-August day, a time when the season of ripe watermelon. I have two very smoothly came Guardia, because I was the first to steal melons, no experience, coupled with the dark, could not see anything, although the foot of Montreal is watermelon, but I did not even know how to start. So he asked the students how to identify ripe melon Li. The results have attracted Li classmate a rebuff: also pick ass, just pick a big bag child on the line. A little while, my bag was filled with the (also 67 melon), I was ready to let him go, when I heard a dog barking, followed by Lebanese students and called out:! "Quickly ran to the dog ! "heard the cry, my bag new balance 574 on her own deft ran toward the back, hectic, I jumped into a row of alkali ditch, canal water is not too hamstring, cold. Anyhow, catch the dog canal side, while barking, while in the tractor trail ran back and forth, but it has not come into the water. Panic, how do I climb ashore, while being in a hurry, the students came to Lebanon, hauled my hands are grasping the grass will pull up. Road, Li classmates reprove me, you put the bag down, not come up yet? Yes! Put down the bag, the load is not light it? The first time I did not experience ah. I was just assigned to the company work, and a few young people are assigned watering classes, because we are a new staff, not watering, leadership so that we can follow one of the watering of older workers. I talked to puma shoes older workers is a surname warm, I told him the old warm, in fact, he is not old, just over thirty years. Old Wen raw sturdy frame, born brute force. Has been working ten years in watering classes, with considerable watering experience. However, another advantage is that the fall watering shift work is to worry about eating five or six months just filling good pulp tender wheat; July and August of vegetables and fruits; sweet corn on the cob and jimmy choo potatoes September October; also there maturing soybeans, etc., can got burning or cooked. Old temperature can be said is an expert. I remember it was the night the day in August,

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