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the girl for the first time to panic, lots of sleepless awakened after midnight, let the girl was very flawless, she felt the teacher was not a good student, not a girl, the daughter of a father and mother, she was guilty, because nike air max 2014 straitjacket that six thousand dollars just like the Monkey King's head whenever she does threw himself into learning they will severely punish her, so the girls really sad, because she really like an innocent boy like a good laugh, some silly, but it reveals a lovely, do not know when, she likes to read English as the same that seems like a boy only when she will see waves of warm laughter, the girls really contradictory, she did not dare say his troubles adidas springblade to anyone, she even feel that they are not a good girl, so she has been alone in deep remorse and guilt among, when the pain of a serious illness that in many one night nightmare waking her, the girl finally chose to wipe the tears, firmly told myself to seriously study hard, she should be like TV said, with the knowledge to change the fate like the teacher to say, from the mountains to do a fly out of Phoenix. Since then, the girls do not touch the boy's eyes, not inadvertently give him a sweet smile, she was trying to avoid him, sometimes encounter on the road, the girls are trying to taking a detour, the christian louboutin boy might read the girl, he reluctantly gave up trying to disappointment from the beginning to the end. In order not to be disturbed, the girl only knuckled down to study every day, and the boy also chose silence, gradually, the girl's achievements and slowly raised up, and the boy is very disappointing, their performance was always among the best. Girls once again remind ourselves that after not sorry parents, she really did, over time, the boy slowly withdrew from the girl's perspective, but since then she always consciously or unconsciously suppress their own, and from time to time told myself new balance 574 wholeheartedly want to learn, and any of the boys can not have any communication. Girls have a strange idea that she felt too much contact with the boy's not a good girl, and she wants to be a good girl. Lonely girl in a very lonely time was thought to trying to get close to the students, but she still can not force myself to say the students have athlete's foot Joe Smith, John Doe staring at a girl in class, the teacher or something and give Jen please teacher ... on the contrary, she will be very anxious to flee, because the little she does not know that he is not at a certain time they will become judgmental new balance 996 of one, slowly, her classmate from increasingly farther and farther away. But sadly, even the girls to tears in numerous dark night,

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