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against a tree, she knew she would eventually go back to along side it for the tree, the tree will be together forever with, but do not expect a way. Wind leaves looked tearful said: right after i go nike air max away along, naive to imagine that could take me within the ends of the world you may embrace the way you live at a romantic dance, why have you abandon me in the middle ?! Wind via a flight and said softly : Our personality is uninhibited, had already was a love for dusty memories, concurrently throwing your original Relating to also gone. Tree leaves and searching aggrieved said: Why did you so stiff, didn't know to retain ? Tree reluctantly said: Exactly what can Although i when autumn comes once i found myself not able to provide nourishment for new balance you, it appears now not to share between us, I could only restrain the hearts on the pain put forth waste either. Angry leaves checking out the sky saying : Why have four seasons ?Why don'tyou make life only summer and spring, no winter ? Sky said quietly : anytime stands out as the law of nature, now can easily enjoy the joy of summer and spring our nation get ready for a warm autumn and winter cold dull. Autumn, whenever the leaves realize not anymore draw nourishment through the tree of life becomes dull boring. Some decided they would complement the wind, adidas spring blade while some fall straight away to the soil, as nutrients, as well as tree of life together forever. The reason is , of stiff tree, relentless wind and instead gives off swaying that resulted in the final outcome. Each choice has its own reasons, but no one was required to bear essence on their choices. Often previously is impossible to miss, lost a nice yellow photo, telephone voice recording with so many increasingly christian louboutin noisy memory gradually blurred, out of hand, can not catch anything. However, wish to have an element that is left towards the end on most of one's lives. Traces of deep and shallow, once the thoughts passing by, do not ever feel pain, sole warm! Sipping coffee, jimmy choo bitter taste, think back to previous times happiness and sadness, although all were in the past, nevertheless can share feelings of real and moving, in order that the tears so reduced an espresso cup, an obvious liquid!

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