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The technique for doing push up

Posted by bert dell on September 27, 2016 at 6:00 AM

Name one that is as efficacious as the movement of movements the bench press at the gym but it does not require any tools and can be done anywhere. Yes, push ups is the answer. This movement requires only a stable pedestal, and clean (or willing to wash your hands afterwards). This movement also, if done correctly, it can make your chest muscles and triceps sturdy and powerful.


The basics


Push up your own true? Push ups are really equivalent to bench press using 60-70 percent of body weight . Therefore, make sure:


1. Your body forming a straight line from shoulder to toe, both when lifting and lowering the body.


2. Chest is the first part of the body touching the ground, not the waist or abdomen.


3. Arm muscles (particularly triceps) is the main muscle that lifts your body and not the shoulder or other muscles.


Feeling the weight of your body is too light? Use the backpack contains a load such as bottled water, sandbags, or one keller Platinum.




Already mastered the standard push-ups? Make modifications and get different benefits of push ups. Except for the first variation, make sure you are able to do 20 push ups nonstop rep before trying variations below.


1. Bring both your thumb and index finger, and do diamond push-ups to train the triceps muscle is more intense.


2. Put your feet on the bench, and do decline push ups to train the muscles of the shoulders, chest, back, and upper arms.


3. Place your hands on the gym ball, and the ball did push-ups to strengthen your abdominal muscles.


4. pounding your body up slightly ejected, and clap your hands. These variations, commonly called a clapping push-ups, which to build your arm strength.


So, push-up which would you do?


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